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XR Project Collection

AR and VR both extend our reality, which not only bring a strong interactive experience but also have a great impact on improving imagination and bringing convenience.

I am particularly passionate about AR. Here is a glimpse of my related experience 🕶️.


| AR Music Elements Education APP


Sonar is an AR application designed to promote children's understanding of abstract musical elements by AR sound visualization and interaction.

What I'm Doing

This is my personal graduation project which will include design and development and is in progress. I also made a website: https://sonar.framer.website Tools and technology I am using: Figma, Xcode, Apple ARKit.



| AR Breath Guidance APP


Free Breath(自在呼吸) is a gamified breath training guidance application that provides real-time feedback. The project was awarded the second prize of the China Mobile Application Innovation Competition East China Region.

What I Did

I developed the AR face-tracking guidance feature for “Pursed-Lip Breathing” in this project. Tools & Technology I used: Xcode and Apple ARKit.



| AR Posture Correction Feature


Coachi is a health application designed to help people maintain healthy habits. It encourages users to act as coaches to mind others’ postures with the help of AR technology.

What I Did

I conceived this scenario and designed the UX and UI. Tools I used: Figma, Photoshop.


| VR & Aroma Meditation Product


Vroma is a service that blends VR and aroma to relieve anxiety.

What I Did

I mainly prototyped the VR application and connect it with Arduino through Bluetooth to trigger the aroma in this project. Tools & Technology I used: Unity and MRTK.



| AR Related Writing & Thinking

Sometimes I record insights about AR design on Twitter: https://tinyurl.com/designar

Or write some thoughts while learning: https://tinyurl.com/somethoughtofxr